Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #73 – Comedians’ Game 5 Live Commentary

Chris watched game 5 of the NBA Finals with a bunch of comedians in front of a live audience and this podcast is the full highlights of that night!


– Relive game five’s huge victory with us.
– Huge, huge language warning. This is completely uncensored.
– Lots of jokes about the game, comedy, Iman Shumpert, and Ray Roberts
– A list of everyone who appeared on the show (in order):

  • Ray Roberts
  • The Chronicler (Jorge Delarosa)
  • Chad Weaver
  • Dwayne Duke
  • Jason Moliterno
  • Nick Yurick
  • Charles Bailey
  • Willis Gordon
  • Anthony Savatt
  • Sam Bendegkey
  • Spyder Jones
  • Jeff Blanchard
  • Chad Zumock

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